Music that Motivates


“Without often realising it, we’re constantly bombarded by music and songs every day even where we’re least expecting it. But do these tunes always strike the right cord? Liam Geraghty give his take on music in the workplace, and Richard Skelton from Mood Media Ireland talks about the science of selecting what gets played on shop speakers.”

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David Turpin at the Dead Zoo


“Singer-songwriter, David Turpin takes Liam Geraghty on a tour of Dublin’s Natural History Museum, in the first of a two part interview.”

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“Why donkeys make great soul singers and other mysteries of evolution, as we continue our tour of the Natural History Museum, with David Turpin.”

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The Medal Makers


“MMI is a 70 year-old company now being run by the third generation of the Woods family. They have more medals, insignias, and sporting awards than anyone – not because they have won any of them, it’s because they actually make them, including those up for grabs in the All-Ireland Final this weekend. Liam Geraghty went to find out more.”

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