The Collectible Toy Trade


“Well if you happen to be in possession of any Toy Story figures it might be wise to hide them away from the kids as they could be worth a tidy sum some day. It seems that vintage toys can be a clever investment as our own toy boy reporter Liam Geraghty has been finding out.”

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GIY for Business


“It’s the time of year when garden centres will be packed to the rafters again with green-fingered people eager to start planting and pruning. Our own evergreen reporter Liam Geraghty has been getting to the root of a new initiative which is aimed at encouraging businesses to bed down in the Grow-It-Yourself movement.”

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Shyness is Nice!


“Professor Bernardo Carducci has made it his life’s work to study shyness. He is the Director of the Shyness Research Institute at Indiana University. He joins us to discuss how shyness can impact on our working lives. But first, Liam Geraghty has been searching out some stories of shyness.”

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