Reaping Rewards from Relaxation


“We all know how important it is to be getting the work-life balance right, but there are plenty of businesses who actually make money from our attempts to unwind. We’ve been catching up with some businesses in the northwest who are hoping to be big successes in stress relief.”

I produced this report for The Business with Richard Curran.

Listen here.

Suits You Sir


“It seems that the stalwart of office attire – the old fashioned suit is making a comeback. From ultimate fighters like Conor McGregor to those wrestling with nine to five office environments it seems that everyone is fond of the three piece suit. We sent our own dapper dan Liam Geraghty out on streets of Cork and Dublin to find out more.”

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The Reality of Dream Jobs


“This week Netflix advertised for what some might consider a dream job. They’re going to pay people to watch TV for a living, to tag content for their 48 million subscribers. But are dream jobs always as great as we imagine them to be? We gave our man Liam Geraghty the dream job of finding out.”

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Me recording Milly the kitten from the piece: