Where’s my flying car!?


“Well, if as Peter says it’s time to get back to the future, it might be well worth asking why the future hasn’t worked out the way we thought it would. Why aren’t there robots cleaning our homes and space ships taking us on jaunts to the moon? We set out across today’s Dublin to ask why tomorrow’s world never came?”

I had great fun producing this report for The Business with Richard Curran.

Listen here.

Burning the Midnight Oil


“Many a brave soul stayed up on Thursday night to watch the Scottish referendum unfold. Our TV screens were full of images of count officials working through the night. But for some, that’s a nightly reality. Liam Geraghty stayed up past his bedtime to meet some of Ireland’s nocturnal workers.”

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Bouncing Back from Disaster


“The business world is a tough one at the best of times, and anyone will tell you that just keeping a company afloat Ireland over the past five years especially difficult. But some unlucky business people have had more than just the economy to deal with. We sent our reporter Liam Geraghty to meet some of those who have had to recover from catastrophe.”

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The New Breed in Business

business team standing

“For some, this September means that their time in education has ended and they’re about to get their first taste of the working world. We’ve heard this new generation being labeled as ‘entitled’, and “lazy” by business leaders in the past. But what does this new breed in business want from their careers? Our reporter Liam Geraghty investigates.”

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