Corporate Gifting


“You know it’s officially Christmas when the Late Late Toy Show is in the rear view mirror. But what about the corporate gifts market? Will the pick up in the economy lead to an opening of purse strings from companies for their clients and staff? Our reporter, Liam Geraghty, has been finding out more.”

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Behind the scenes at Ireland’s Own


“One of Ireland’s longest running magazines, Ireland’s Own has been going strong since 1902. Based in Wexford, each week 40,000 people pick up the publication. Our reporter Liam Geraghty went behind the scenes to find out about the secrets to its survival.”

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The Dreaded Unfinished Novel!


“They say there’s a novel in each of us but how many of these actually get written? Or finished? Liam Geraghty bravely finds out. With the help of Penguin Ireland’s Michael McLoughlin and writers Siobhan Parkinson and Chelsea Morgan Hoffmann he discovers why so many great tomes never even make it to the page.”

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Sniffer Dogs


“Barney the springer spaniel added another €60,000 to his cash haul for Revenue recently. He’s been so vital in retrieving cash for the exchequer that he’s even been the recipient of a Golden Paw Hero Dog Award. He was taken a well deserved break this week, so we caught up with two of his colleagues and their handlers, to find out how they go about sniffing out cash.”

I produced this report for The Business with Richard Curran.

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The Business of Saving Water

Water droplet with the earth in it.

“Between protests and government back-pedalling, the issue of water charges has been hard to ignore of late. But for some business people, the inevitability of paying for our H2O is a path to potential profit. Liam Geraghty dipped his toe in and brought us back this report.”

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A Tribute to Our Friend


Our colleague, Ed Prendergast, passed away on the 20th of October. He was only 27. Ed worked on this show for the last four years. He was a lovely man, genuine, funny, creative and an extremely hard worker. Here are some of the radio moments he created during his time with us. – The Business

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Retro Radio


“One of the greatest innovations of the modern age is the wireless telegraph, more commonly known as the radio. The humble valve radio was a staple in most Irish homes from the 1940s onwards. Classic retro radios have been enjoying something of a resurgence in popularity. Liam Geraghty has been hearing from the small group of passionate collectors and fixers who are giving voice to these old radio sets for a new generation.”

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