What’s the weather like? 2014

Every time I interview someone I ask them what the weather is like to test the levels on my microphone. Here’s what the weather was like according to every person I interviewed in 2014.

50 Shades of the Marquis De Sade


“Two hundred years ago this month, the French writer and philosopher – the Marquis de Sade, died in an asylum in France. The word ‘Sadism’ comes from his name but more recently another fictional character, Christian Grey, has also been called Sadistic … Liam Geraghty finds out if 50 Shades of Grey owes anything to de Sade…”

Listen here. (starts at 12.50)

Shop Assistants on the Christmas Frontline


“We’re in the middle of the busiest month for retailers. Around the country people are ordering their turkeys, stocking up on presents, and pushing their way through crowds. In the midst of all of that, are the shop assistants. Liam Geraghty has been finding out about the hazards and hassles that they have to suffer on the front line of the battle that is Christmas shopping.”

Listen here.

Lessons Learned: An interview with Toby Froud


Toby Froud – the baby from ‘Labyrinth’ – grew up to make his own goblin fantasy film – ‘Lessons Learned’. I spoke to him about about growing up in a house populated by strange creatures, puppet building and leaving a lasting impression on David Bowie.

Lessons Learned is available to purchase here.

Keystone Studios


“Next week will see a new beginning for one venture that once burned brightly on the Irish music scene. Keystone studio, based in the centre of Dublin, had a great record in music production. The likes of Sting, The Chieftains and Def Leppard all recorded there, but with music studios becoming much smaller and more mobile there’s less need for big spaces such as the one Keystone occupied. Liam Geraghty met one of the founders of the studio, to wind back the reel-to-reel, and find out some stories from its legendary past..”

Listen here.

The Irish Cosplay Scene


I went to Eirtakon – Ireland’s largest anime event – to find out about the Irish cosplay scene for The Pat Kenny Show on Newstalk.

Listen here (from 17:13)

Photo courtesy of Eirakon / Photographer: Kevin Goss-Ross