Street Art: The Writing’s on the Wall


Grafitti was once considered the past-time of disaffected youth, but now it has become a mainstream and very lucrative art-form, with big hitters making a nice living from their work. Next month, Whytes are holding an auction of work including street art pieces from Banksy and – for the first time – the Irish street artist, Will St Leger. I went along to find out more about how street art is coming off the street and into the auction room.

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Jobs with Free Gaffs


Have you ever wondered what it was like to work where you live? Or what it’s like to get a house as part and parcel of your job? In the past this was a common occurrence with employers like the Guinness family, Cadburys and the Lever Brothers. But does it ever happen now? I went to check it out!

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The folk tales behind Song of the Sea


The Kilkenny based Cartoon Saloon has just been nominated for an Academy Award. I went to visit them to hear about their film Song of the Sea. I spoke to director Tomm Moore and screenwriter Will Collins on folklore, myths, legends and selkies.

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Has Science Fiction become Science Fact?


I spoke to Dan Smith, Senior Lecturer of Chelsea College of Arts London and Jack Fennell, author of Irish Science Fiction, to ask has science-fiction of the past become fact?

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A Rave a Day Keeps the Blues Away

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“The dark days of January are brightening for some hardy workers who are trying to get a spring in their step on these winter mornings… If you feel like shaking off the cobwebs and raving your way into the day, you could go along to Morning Gloryville, like our reporter Liam Geraghty did.”

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Have you ever told a lie at work?


Have you ever told a porker at work? It seems lots of us tell lies quite routinely. People who lie are said to be highly emotionally intelligent; they’re also brainy and have strong social skills. So what do we lie about? Who do we tell lies to? I hit the streets of Dublin to find out some of the lies people have told and then Richard Curran was joined by Social psychologist, Karen Hand to steer us through the lying jungle.

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A Change of Scenery

SH_GD (1)

We all dream about quitting our jobs and taking up an entirely new career – well, for The Business, I met several people who did just that! (including former computer scientist turned desinger Ursula Celano who designed the bag above)

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