Goldsmiths and Jewellery Makers


“In the last 10 years there has been a resurgence in jewellery making in Ireland. In what was previously a male dominated profession, women are really beginning to show their mettle. Liam Geraghty has been talking to some of the designers who are going for gold …”

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Journos on Screen


I found out about representations of journalists on film from The Sunday Business Post film critic John Maguire, script editor Chelsea Morgan Hoffmann, Sunday Business Post Books & Arts Editor Nadine O’Regan and Jimmy Guerin, brother of Veronica Guerin.

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Casting Movies


“It’s Oscars night tomorrow, so no doubt those most coveted of little gold statuettes are getting their last minute polish, the red carpet is being given a good old hoover, and Hollywood A-listers are optimistically preparing acceptance speeches. Closer to home, another Academy had its debut this week when the Bow Street Academy for Screen Acting opened its doors in Dublin. Liam Geraghty went along to find out about the business of creating the careers of some superstars of the future.”

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The Business of Blooms

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4 out of 5 women say that Irish men are less romantic than their international counterparts, but despite that less-than-enthusiastic rating you can be sure that cash registers across the country have been ringing all week, and will continue to do so today as lovers shell out for Valentine’s Day cards and gifts for. I’ve been finding out just how many people still choose to say it with flowers.

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Radio Wars


This past week the JNLR (Joint National Listenership Research) figures were released. They only come out four times a year and it’s always a tense time for station bosses and staff as the newspapers pour over who went up and who went down. I’ve been finding out if radio battles are real or just hyped in the press.

I spoke to RTÉ Group Commercial Director Willie O’Reilly, FM104′s CEO Margaret Nelson, Galway Bay FM’s Keith Finnegan and DIT Head of Journalism Kate Shanahan.

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Irish Pubs Raising the Bar

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With the arrival of the UK pub chain Wetherspoons on these shores, a new era may have dawned for the Irish local. Is it a case of shape up or ship out for our native bars? I spoke to some publicans who aren’t about to call time on the trade, and are coming up with some innovative ways of attracting customers.

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The Art of Tabloid Headline Writing


I’m delighted to be working on The Media Show – a new, 13 week series which began yesterday on RTE Radio One at 7pm. Presented by Conor Brophy, the series will look at the pressing issues in the sector including ownership, diversity, press freedom and how digital media are changing the way content is delivered and consumed.

In this first programme, The Media Show profiles the new media tycoons, takes a look inside Al Jazeera from the point of view of two Irish journalists who have worked there and I produced a package on the art of tabloid headline writing.

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