The Business of Charity Fundraising


The charity sector in Ireland is worth €852 million euro a year, but it also takes a lot of resources to raise that kind of money. Although people might not like to hear that their donations are being spent on marketing, administration or staff, recent research by Fundraising Ireland found that it costs the average charity almost 34 cent to raise a euro. I went to find out more.

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Private Members Clubs


The very notion of a private club conjures up images of exclusivity, but many of them that have managed to survive the economic crash have had to re-invent themselves just to keep going. Richard dusted off his best blazer to pay some of them a visit.

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Rescuing the Naomh Éanna


The Naomh Éanna was used as an Aran Islands ferry from the 1950s and was due to be destroyed earlier this year.  I went to meet Sam Field Corbett – the man trying to rescue the ship and turn it into an 82 bed boutique hostel and restaurant in Galway.

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Child’s play – the serious fun of making TV for kid


We’re all aware that the media is in a state of flux – and one of the areas that is undergoing significant change is children’s television. These days our media savvy more discerning kids are demanding something very different as we’ve been finding out.

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Maths in the Morning


Although all of us will have come through the education system with a basic understanding of maths, do we actually remember much of what we were taught? Brian McCoy of The People Group has started a new course for business owners and salespeople who want to brush up on the difference between mark ups and margins…

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