First Contact Music

photo (75)Today is International Record Store Day, which shines a spotlight on the independent music shops around the world who have managed to survive the download revolution. But what about the bands who are trying to break into a notoriously cut-throat industry? I met some musicians, and the woman they’ve been working with who is helping them to monetise their music and get that elusive big break…

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Book to Musical Adaptations


Musicals are so often based on novels. Think of Les Miserables, Gigi, Oliver and in more recent times The Lord of the Rings. How difficult is it to adapt books for musical theatre? And can it always work? I get to the all-singing, all-dancing heart of the matter in his report. I spoke to costume designer Peter O’Brien as well as to Irish composer Shaun Davey who has scored music for James Joyce’s ‘The Dead’. They discuss the difficulties of adaptation and issues of copyright and collaboration. Despite complications, ‘it’s important to have a go’’, says Davey.

Investing in Cider

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Heineken announced plans this week to invest €20 million over the next five years in a new cider, and C&C has declared that they will be restructuring their British operation. It seems that cider is enjoying something of a renaissance. The industry here is valued at €366m, and a growing number of craft producers are also keen to take a bite out of the market. I went out to meet some of them.

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The Egg Trade

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With Easter happening this weekend, we’ll all be stocking up on a very specific seasonal treat. The ubiquitous chocolate egg had its roots in the tradition of giving real eggs at Easter in the past. But how is the business of real eggs going? Richard Curran and I took a trip to Margaret Farrelly’s “O’Egg” chicken farm in Mullagh Co. Cavan to find out if the free range market is all it’s cracked up to be?

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