The Secrets of the Humble 99


With its vanilla creaminess, fresh crunchy cone and of course the sweet crumbly chocolate topping, the 99 has long been a staple of the Irish Summer. But don’t let its simplicity fool you, there’s more to the humble cone than meets the eye as I found out.

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Casting an Eye on the Critics


This week, Irish Times critic Eileen Battersby (above), ended up being the centre of attention in writing circles when she wrote a negative review of Paul Murray’s latest novel The Mark and The Void. But can critics really impact the bottom line? I went to find out.

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Stags and Hens


This weekend is one of the most popular for stags and hens to strut their stuff in towns and villages up and down the country. We all know of the places that are favoured by the feathered boas brigade – places like Kilkenny, Carrick-on-Shannon and Temple Bar. But there are new suggestions on the horizons, much to the dismay of locals as I’ve been finding out.

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Kilkenny Design Workshops

KDW team reduced

More than 50 years ago a study into Irish design was commissioned by the then Irish Government, it found that the design sector in Ireland was practically non existent and proposed a year of Irish design to help promote home grown creativity. happily in 2015 we finally have that Year of Irish Design, but that 1963 report also recommended the introduction of the Kilkenny Design Workshops – a project aimed at putting Ireland on the map internationally. Many of the international designers and their apprentices have stayed in the Kilkenny area. I went to find out more.

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