Beyond the Sea


With port pilots, Navy patrols and pirates a-plundering, I had a fantastic time recording this weeks special sea episode of The Business in Cork. Myself and Richard Curran travelled from the Port of Cork to Castletownbere, hitching lifts on boats as we went.

Listen here. (starts at 05:06)

Some photos from our trip:

RichardCurran_TheBusiness_Sea2 LiamGeraghty_Castletownbere2 LtDonnachadhCahalane_RichardCurran_NavalOperations_HaulbowlineIsland PaulORegan_RichardCurran_PortOfCork RichardCurran_JeffCondell_Castletownbere JasonSheehan_AboardAmedeus_Castletownbere RichardCurran_MariaAndJimKennedy_RiverLee

Peer-to-Peer Lending


Crowd funding has been on the rise over recent years, with many independent film makers and musicians getting finance through sites like Kickstarter and FundIt, and tech innovators frequently getting their products off the ground by appealing to the population of the worldwide web. Can a similar model be used to counteract the lack of money being made available for more traditional business loans? A number of Irish websites, including Linked Finance and Grid Finance, have been attempting to connect SMEs with members of the public who have money to invest for the right returns. I went to find out more.

Listen here.

Nightclub Economics


“There was a time in Ireland when no night out was truly complete until we’d made it past the bouncer, swapped our jacket for a cloakroom ticket we would soon lose, and cut the rug on the dancefloor of the local nightclub. It’s an experience that many Leaving Cert graduates had for the first time earlier this week, as they celebrated their results. Our own Liam Geraghty dusted off his dancing shoes to see how the sector has been holding up.”

Listen here.

The Tribute Artist


Travelling the length and breadth of the country with a boot full of sequins and synthesizers is all part of a night’s work for Ireland’s jobbing performers. I joined the ranks of the roadies and met with some of our hardest working entertainers.

Listen here.

All the Fun of the Fair


“The Macarena is one tune you might well hear at one of the many carnivals taking place in towns and villages all over Ireland at this time of year. But the tune may well be overshadowed by the buzz of bumper cars, the whir of the candy floss machines, and the clatter of arcade games as the fun fair rolls into town. Our reporter Liam Geraghty caught up with the Pipers, one of Ireland’s oldest carnival families, in their home town of Kinsale.”

Listen here.