Selling Groceries Online


The grocery market in Ireland has become particularly competitive in recent years. And one aspect of that market which has grown in line with customer demand is the online order and home delivery sector. The recent announcement that Dunnes Stores soon plans to enter that market is likely to intensify the competition even further over the coming months. I went out to meet some of the people who are already in the business of delivering the goods.

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Corporate Culture


“An estimated 350,000 people around the country took part in Culture Night this year, with many companies taking out their chequebook to have their name associated with an artistic endeavour. Reporter Liam Geraghty ask just how cosy can the relationship between corporations and culture really be?”

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The Art of Queuing


Danish research was published this week showing that when it comes to queueing we’ve been doing it all wrong! They found that queues would be more efficient if the last in the queue was served first. I’ve been getting in line and checking out if there is such a thing as a perfect queue for businesses and buyers.

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Ireland’s Lighting Designers


When the thousands of electric picnic partiers emerge from their tents today, it’s unlikely that their postmortems of last nights performances will include a take on the lighting designers. I went backstage to get the low down on these unsung heroes of Ireland’s entertainment business.

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