A Year on Culture File

It’s wonderful to be part of the team that makes Culture File hosted by Luke Clancy (weekdays, 6.40, RTÉ Lyric fm). I produced my first piece for the show in April – a retrospective on the work of comix artist Daniel Clowes. Since then I’ve reported on everything from underground horror screenings to LCD Soundsystem’s final gig in New York and chatted with everyone from Mystery Theatre 3000′s Mike Nelson to The Magnetic Fields’ Stephin Merritt.

So what better end to the year than to come across not one but two lovely reviews of Culture File. The first appeared in the radio review of the Evening Herald (21/12/12) which said,

My first ‘Herald Angel’ goes to… Lyric FM’s Culture File (a show I’ve praised here before). In what category? Oh, I don’t know. Let’s say: Consistent Being-Very-Goodness. It may only be on air for seven or eight minutes a day, but brevity is part of the appeal. What it offers are delicious little slices of culture. Little tasters, little samplers; little glimpses of quirky and murky corners of the cultural universe. Whether it’s illuminating say, hand-made Iranian bags, or the practice of ‘performance knitting’, or Dublin comic-book artists, it’s rarely anything other than charming, witty and engaging.

The second was in the radio review of the Irish Indepedent (22/12/12):

…it’s proof positive that small can be mighty….it’s the incredible breath and range that makes this programme really special…if you can’t find somthing to whet your cultural whistle, you must be either brain dead or actually dead. It’s all dpone with brio and a sense of humour, and makes a great contrast to the mostly music which otherwise fills Lyric’s schedule.

This year Culture File was also nominated for a Prix Europa (at the European Broadcasting Festival) and in July I received my first ever radio review for a piece I made for Culture File about Dublin comic book artists.

I’m looking forward to a cultural year in 2013!

All Culture File episodes are podcasted here.

Mickey Mouse announces Disney’s Star Wars

So Disney have just acquired Lucasfilm and have announced Star Wars Episode 7 for release in 2015 which is pretty big news for a nerd like me. I mean sure I’ve been burned before with The Phantom Menace, but as several people have pointed out already – the only new Star Wars film I’d be willing to watch is one that doesn’t have George Lucas at the helm. Disney’s take over of Marvel has given us some great superhero movies so I’m hopeful for Star Wars. Anyhoo, after reading the official Disney press release for all this I couldn’t help but think how would Mickey Mouse himself announce it….?

A tipsy rant

The perils of being friends with other radio folk is that there’s always a recorder to hand and a pal willing to use it. So over a couple of glasses of wine last night Regan Hutchins, who creates wonderful radio pieces for Culture File, held up a mic to my mouth ever so slowly so as not to frighten me off like a farmer after a stray sheep. He caught me just as I began a tipsy rant about visiting Avoca for the first time. Enjoy.