Business Insights for Educators


Public-Private Partnership is not a new concept, but many companies around the country are now looking at it in a whole new way. Recently a programme that was developed to link businesses up with students in local schools, has expanded to reach out to teachers as well. I travelled to Drogheda in Co. Louth, to take a roll call of participants in one such project.

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Leadership Lessons from the Bard


William Shakespeare has often been used as a source of business wisdom, with books like “Shakespeare’s Lessons in Leadership”, “Shakespeare on Management”, and even “Shakespeare and Golf” lining shelves in bookstores worldwide. I’ve been been finding out if these tomes hold any value, or if they’re merely tales “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”.

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Ranulph Fiennes


Sir Ranulph Fiennes has been dubbed “The World’s Greatest Living Explorer” by the Guinness Book of Records, and he was in Dublin this week delivering some motivational advice at an Investec High Performance Breakfast. He was telling those gathered how to best to select and manage a team in extreme circumstances. I went along to find out more from the man himself.

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Selling Groceries Online


The grocery market in Ireland has become particularly competitive in recent years. And one aspect of that market which has grown in line with customer demand is the online order and home delivery sector. The recent announcement that Dunnes Stores soon plans to enter that market is likely to intensify the competition even further over the coming months. I went out to meet some of the people who are already in the business of delivering the goods.

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Corporate Culture


“An estimated 350,000 people around the country took part in Culture Night this year, with many companies taking out their chequebook to have their name associated with an artistic endeavour. Reporter Liam Geraghty ask just how cosy can the relationship between corporations and culture really be?”

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The Art of Queuing


Danish research was published this week showing that when it comes to queueing we’ve been doing it all wrong! They found that queues would be more efficient if the last in the queue was served first. I’ve been getting in line and checking out if there is such a thing as a perfect queue for businesses and buyers.

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Beyond the Sea


With port pilots, Navy patrols and pirates a-plundering, I had a fantastic time recording this weeks special sea episode of The Business in Cork. Myself and Richard Curran travelled from the Port of Cork to Castletownbere, hitching lifts on boats as we went.

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Some photos from our trip:

RichardCurran_TheBusiness_Sea2 LiamGeraghty_Castletownbere2 LtDonnachadhCahalane_RichardCurran_NavalOperations_HaulbowlineIsland PaulORegan_RichardCurran_PortOfCork RichardCurran_JeffCondell_Castletownbere JasonSheehan_AboardAmedeus_Castletownbere RichardCurran_MariaAndJimKennedy_RiverLee

Peer-to-Peer Lending


Crowd funding has been on the rise over recent years, with many independent film makers and musicians getting finance through sites like Kickstarter and FundIt, and tech innovators frequently getting their products off the ground by appealing to the population of the worldwide web. Can a similar model be used to counteract the lack of money being made available for more traditional business loans? A number of Irish websites, including Linked Finance and Grid Finance, have been attempting to connect SMEs with members of the public who have money to invest for the right returns. I went to find out more.

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Nightclub Economics


“There was a time in Ireland when no night out was truly complete until we’d made it past the bouncer, swapped our jacket for a cloakroom ticket we would soon lose, and cut the rug on the dancefloor of the local nightclub. It’s an experience that many Leaving Cert graduates had for the first time earlier this week, as they celebrated their results. Our own Liam Geraghty dusted off his dancing shoes to see how the sector has been holding up.”

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The Tribute Artist


Travelling the length and breadth of the country with a boot full of sequins and synthesizers is all part of a night’s work for Ireland’s jobbing performers. I joined the ranks of the roadies and met with some of our hardest working entertainers.

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