Book to Musical Adaptations


Musicals are so often based on novels. Think of Les Miserables, Gigi, Oliver and in more recent times The Lord of the Rings. How difficult is it to adapt books for musical theatre? And can it always work? I get to the all-singing, all-dancing heart of the matter in his report. I spoke to costume designer Peter O’Brien as well as to Irish composer Shaun Davey who has scored music for James Joyce’s ‘The Dead’. They discuss the difficulties of adaptation and issues of copyright and collaboration. Despite complications, ‘it’s important to have a go’’, says Davey.

The folk tales behind Song of the Sea


The Kilkenny based Cartoon Saloon has just been nominated for an Academy Award. I went to visit them to hear about their film Song of the Sea. I spoke to director Tomm Moore and screenwriter Will Collins on folklore, myths, legends and selkies.

(From 9:05)

Has Science Fiction become Science Fact?


I spoke to Dan Smith, Senior Lecturer of Chelsea College of Arts London and Jack Fennell, author of Irish Science Fiction, to ask has science-fiction of the past become fact?

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What’s the weather like? 2014

Every time I interview someone I ask them what the weather is like to test the levels on my microphone. Here’s what the weather was like according to every person I interviewed in 2014.

50 Shades of the Marquis De Sade


“Two hundred years ago this month, the French writer and philosopher – the Marquis de Sade, died in an asylum in France. The word ‘Sadism’ comes from his name but more recently another fictional character, Christian Grey, has also been called Sadistic … Liam Geraghty finds out if 50 Shades of Grey owes anything to de Sade…”

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The Dreaded Unfinished Novel!


“They say there’s a novel in each of us but how many of these actually get written? Or finished? Liam Geraghty bravely finds out. With the help of Penguin Ireland’s Michael McLoughlin and writers Siobhan Parkinson and Chelsea Morgan Hoffmann he discovers why so many great tomes never even make it to the page.”

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The Work of Tove Jansson


“Liam Geraghty explores the writings of Tove Janson creator of the Moomins 100 years after her birth. The Moomins were and remain a hit in Finland and worldwide and Moominmania has led to movies, theme parks and thousands of other pieces of merchandise. But what is the peculiar appeal of these characters?”

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Daphne Du Maurier on film

“Daphne Du Maurier’s novels and short stories were consistently adapted for film and gave us some classic cinematic experiences. This year sees the anniversaries of three of her most famous works: gothic romance Rebecca (75), Nicolas Roeg’s Don’t Look Now (40) and Hitchcock’s The Birds (50). But what is it about du Maurier’s writing that translates so well to the big screen? Liam Geraghty talks to writer Anna Carey and filmmaker and lecturer Steven Benedict about Du Maurier’s work.”

Starts at 21.32: