Leadership Lessons from the Bard


William Shakespeare has often been used as a source of business wisdom, with books like “Shakespeare’s Lessons in Leadership”, “Shakespeare on Management”, and even “Shakespeare and Golf” lining shelves in bookstores worldwide. I’ve been been finding out if these tomes hold any value, or if they’re merely tales “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”.

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Corporate Culture


“An estimated 350,000 people around the country took part in Culture Night this year, with many companies taking out their chequebook to have their name associated with an artistic endeavour. Reporter Liam Geraghty ask just how cosy can the relationship between corporations and culture really be?”

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Peer-to-Peer Lending


Crowd funding has been on the rise over recent years, with many independent film makers and musicians getting finance through sites like Kickstarter and FundIt, and tech innovators frequently getting their products off the ground by appealing to the population of the worldwide web. Can a similar model be used to counteract the lack of money being made available for more traditional business loans? A number of Irish websites, including Linked Finance and Grid Finance, have been attempting to connect SMEs with members of the public who have money to invest for the right returns. I went to find out more.

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Maths in the Morning


Although all of us will have come through the education system with a basic understanding of maths, do we actually remember much of what we were taught? Brian McCoy of The People Group has started a new course for business owners and salespeople who want to brush up on the difference between mark ups and margins…

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The New Breed in Business

business team standing

“For some, this September means that their time in education has ended and they’re about to get their first taste of the working world. We’ve heard this new generation being labeled as ‘entitled’, and “lazy” by business leaders in the past. But what does this new breed in business want from their careers? Our reporter Liam Geraghty investigates.”

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Failure in Business


“Donald Trump and Richard Branson both failed before they succeeded, and even Thomas Edison reportedly made 10,000 attempts before inventing the very first light bulb. Failure can even be a surprising catalyst for success. We met some Irish business people who haven’t allowed failure to hold them back.”

I produced this report for The Business with Richard Curran.

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